Hawte Investment LTD Cashew Nut Update

In view of the changing regulation of cashew business in Tanzania, we would like to announce that that we are continuing to process cashew nuts throughout the year. We expect to process approximately 300 tons of raw cashew nut per month. As one of few processors in the country we would like to see our commodity reach more international clients and continue the value addition within the country. As always, we aim to raise global awareness of Tanzanian Cashew Nuts to the agribusiness network. Tanzanian cashew nuts remain largely unknown to the market due to export of 90% of the harvest thus resulting  in lack of awareness of Tanzanian Cashew Nuts in the international market. Our aim has always been to create an internationally recognized Tanzanian Agribusiness. Our company employs over 600 Tanzanians and seeks to continue to expand to a new site.

Suleiman Abdi Dualeh

Managing Director

Hawte Investment “Foods” Limited

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