African Cashew Nuts

Hawte is a leading agribusiness in Tanzania. Our main product is cashew; we have been processing since 2014 and export an average of 200 Mt per year. We are one of the top 5 processors and exporters of cashew in Tanzania. We sell our products to our clients in the US, Western Europe and Eastern Asia. We provide bespoke orders and ensure we maintain quality service throughout our relationship. Our position as a growing and leading African agro and export business has allowed us to maintain great relationships with our clients, leading stakeholders in the industry. Our aim is to constantly improve in keeping with latest industrial technology and provide quality cashews. We are maintaining globally recognized quality control certifications such as HACCP, and ISO and have recently gained World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO) certification. We look forward to continue to provide our excellent cashews to our esteemed clientele.


There are 21 available grades of cashews. Tanzanian Cashews are high quality cashews and are agreed to be the best tasting cashews in Africa due to its creaminess and high nutritional content. Our clients can further process the cashews by roasting, salting, or adding spices to the cashews. The potential of further processing of cashew is immense: cashew milk, cashew butter, cashew flour, cashew cheese, and cashew yoghurt are all products that are growing in demand. Our most popular grades are the following whole grades w320, w240, and w180, as well as our pieces grades, LWP, SP. All grades are suitable for further processing or packaging.

Sarah Dualeh is Hawte’s Marketing Director. She studied Biomedical Science at King’s College London and is currently undertaking a second degree in Chartered Accountancy and has a certificate in digital marketing from IAB. She has 2 years’ experience in web content management and office management.

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