About us

Hawte Foods LTD registered in dealing with agriculture and agro-processing. We cultivate and process agriculture products as well as trade agricultural products for domestic and international markets.
Hawte Foods LTD was incorporated in 2008 under company registration act of United Republic of Tanzania with its registered office at Mayfair Plaza, Mikocheni – Dar es Salaam.

We started processing and trading in 2013.


  • To become the leading and trusted company in Agriculture and Agro-processing Industry

Our mission

  • Our Mission is to offer excellent products from our farms and processing industries.
  • To establish strong local and international market for Horticulture products from our farms as well as
    other farms.
  • To take cashew processing industry to the next level and becoming the reliable source of excellent processed cashew for domestic and international market by using our well optimized and mechanized cashew processing
    industry which gives us excellent products at competitive price.
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