We are an agriculture and agri-processing company. We are among the largest exporters of agricultural products in Tanzania. Our products come in raw and processed state depending on the client’s requirements.We are client focused business to business agricultural company. We always ensure our clients receive products that they will be satisfied with and proud to deliver to their customers.

Product Range

We offer Tanzanian cashew nut kernels grown and processed in southern Tanzania. We are one of few agricultural companies in East Africa that offer processed cashews.

We are pleased to announce we are adding ginger to our catalogue. To contact our sales team please get in touch here.  To know more about our products you can visit our services page here.

Cashew Nut Kernels

Our factory, located in Mkindani, Mtwara, the southern region of Tanzania Mainland, has the capacity to produce about 45 tons of excellent processed cashew nuts per month in up to 15 cashew nut kernel grades. For more information or to make an order today please get in touch here

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We are pleased to announce that we are adding ginger to our product range. We hope to begin production in 2019. We will also be unique in being one of few agricultural processors that cultivate and export ginger in East Africa.

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